Custom Headstones

BRIGHTON MONUMENTS INC. in Brooklyn, New York, has been providing custom headstone designs, bronze plaques, and other personalized memorials for generations upon generations since 1914.

Designs & Bronze Plaques

We work closely with the family to make sure that we have their full approval before we install the monument of their deceased loved one.

At our company, we offer:
Each headstone comes with the base, etchings, inscription, and design. We can help you pick out a headstone even before your family member is deceased.


The vases we offer come in many shapes and sizes. We do the etchings in the vases by hand as well as carvings of portraits and any religious figure. These can sit in the cemetery next to the headstone to hold the flower offerings.

Bronze Plaques

These plaques are for army people who fought in the war. The plaques contain information about the veteran or person that served in the service.


At BRIGHTON MONUMENTS INC., we also offer consultation services for a period of 3 to 4 months to help and guide the family through their difficult time.